A view of the lock and lock cottage at Brynich south of Brecon. The lock is empty and the grass and trees are vibrant and green.

Welcome to the Mon & Brec Canal

Welcome to our website about the Mon & Brec canal. Use the menu above for more information, or click the picture or link above for a longer introduction.

A summer view of people walking along the towpath alongside moored boats on the canal at Talybont. The scene has lots of trees overhanging the canal.


The Mon and Brec Canal at Talybont-On-Usk is another really interesting, picturesque location. It has a number of interesting features and is well worth a visit by boat or by other means.


Llangynidr is a focal point of the Mon and Brec canal. It’s a beautiful location and with its 5 locks provides lots of interest.